The Stull Family

On Monday, March 18th the Stull Family of Norwell, MA endured a shocking and terrible loss. Bob Stull, 45, suffered a heart attack and sadly passed. Bob was a great husband to wife Kerri, wonderful father to 4 kids – Kyle, Reanne, Lindsey and Jacob, and an awesome friend to so many. Bob will be missed immensely by those who knew him.


Bob was an active volunteer in his kids activities, he volunteered as a coach for both youth baseball and football and would step in to assist with the girls softball league whenever needed. He actively participated in helping coordinating block parties in their neighborhood and took care of their elderly neighbor next door, ensuring her safety, cutting the lawn, shoveling etc… He was active in the Norwell Mens softball league and was always willing to help a neighbor work on anything that they may have needed.


On Thursday, March 28th we will held an on-air fundraiser on the WAAF Hill-Man Morning Show for the Stull Family. Thank you for support. With your help we were able to make a donation of $5,295 to the Stull Family.