Family of Ryan Baldera

On Monday, November 11th we held an on air fundraiser for the Family of Ryan Baldera. On November 7th he was working at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington when two cleaning agents mixed causing a chemical reaction. Ryan rushed to try and clean up the chemicals but the effects of the chemical reaction caused immediate breathing issues. Ryan got everyone out of the restaurant and while he was able to make it outside the restaurant, he was in serious condition when the fire department arrived, and later died at Lahey Hospital.

“Ryan was a beloved husband, father, son, brother, and cherished uncle, nephew, and son-in-law, to his close knit family and friends,” his family said in a statement. “While devastated at this unimaginable loss, we are so very proud that Ryan died while trying to protect his fellow employees and restaurant patrons.”

Due to your generosity we have made a total donation of $13,233 to the Baldera Family. Thank you for Helping Us Help Others!