Donation Centers
of New England

The Greg Hill Foundation has teamed up with Donation Centers of New England to offer home pickups and donation bin placements throughout New England! Each home pickup and donated item will benefit The Greg Hill Foundation and be used to further our mission in the local community. Help us turn discarded household items into funds for future beneficiaries.

Schedule a Pickup

Schedule a pickup for FREE and have your clothing or household items taken right from your front door in the BIG GREEN TRUCK. Please click the button below to read the FAQ’s and schedule a pickup.

Host a Donation Bin

Partnering with Donation Centers of New England to Host a Donation Dropbox has many benefits. Please click the button below if you are interested in Hosting a Donation Dropbox.

  1. Donation Centers of New England will set up and maintain the donation bin(s) on the company’s property.
  2. The company will sign a contract for a year to participate and will be compensated based on the products collected.
  3. Donation Centers of New England will provide weekly assistance in maintaining the bins.
  4. The company is supporting the Betterment of the Community since all products collected will be repurposed back to the local community.

Sponsor a Truck

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