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 "In the midst indescribable grief, a little bit of sunshine shone through, not only hearing how many people who didn't even know us wanted to help, but that some of the financial burden I was carrying would be lessened."

Lindsay Johnson

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Ben Farrar

Ben Farrar was visiting Cannes France while on his honor student exchange program from Marblehead High School. Ben was at the beach with his friends when he went to go dive into the water to cool off. The water, however, was shallow and Ben hit his head on the sand, crushing his vertebrae, damaging his spinal cord and rendering him paralyzed. Ben was rushed to a hospital in Nice France and is currently in critical condition. Ben broke his C5 vertebrae and swallowed a lot of salt water that has now damaged his lungs. The Farrar's are coordinating with Mass General Hospital for an eventual transportation but he will need to have his swelling go down and his lungs improve before that is possible.

As you can imagine the expenses for Ben and his family will quickly add up. Please help us help the Farrar family by donating to them. We will be matching all donations up to $5,000 to help Ben and his family.

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