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 "In the midst indescribable grief, a little bit of sunshine shone through, not only hearing how many people who didn't even know us wanted to help, but that some of the financial burden I was carrying would be lessened."

Lindsay Johnson

Most recent beneficiary

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The Pierro Family

During tomorrow's Hill Man Morning Show, we will be raising money for the Pierro Family. On December 2nd shortly before 5 AM the Pierro's house caught fire. The family made it safely out of the house with seconds to spare as it collapsed behind them. Anthony and Lori Pierro have 3 children; Nick age 15, Christian age 11 and Victoria age 6. The family lost everything that they owned and are in need of assistance. We will be matching all donations up to $5,000 for the family. To donate please CLICK HERE.


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1727 Days Celebration



Join us on March 3, 2015  at the Liberty Hotel for our annual signature event that showcases the amazing work done by The Greg Hill Foundation. Celebrate the history of the foundation with sponsors, donors and most importantly our beneficiaries.  Take a look back at the last 1,727 days and help us help others for another 1,727!

Tickets are $200 a piece and for more information or to purchase tickets please click HERE